If you’re not sure what something is worth, bring it in. Frequently, many people interested in selling jewelry do not know what they really have. For instance, a customer may not know whether a piece contains real gold or has any actual value.

We want to help you to not only sell your jewelry, but also to inform you on the process of selling jewelry from both the jeweler’s and the seller’s perspectives.

We aim to buy jewelry at the most competitive, top-dollar prices. Our forty-two-year reputation is based on always providing fair, honest prices for what jewelry is truly worth.

What we buy

At Design One Jewelers, we do not strictly value an item based on whether it’s in good or bad shape. A broken chain can be just as valuable as an intact chain, because of its weight. So don’t assume that because your jewelry isn’t in mint condition that it has no value.

At Design One Jewelers, you can always bring your items into our store, and we will take the time to give you a free estimate and honest advice to the real value of your jewelry. Design One Jewelers provides a secure location to freely consult with us, while knowing that you and your jewelry are always safe.

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