Estate Buying

Design One has been a leader in estate buying since we first opened our doors. Over our many years of business, we have learned how to best serve you when it comes to taking an estate and liquidating it. First and foremost, we take our time.  We make sure that each piece is evaluated properly and thoroughly.

We treat each piece with respect.  We know that this task isn’t always easy and we are aware that these pieces may have belongs to a loved one that is no longer here. We keep the human component in place when looking at an estate piece.

We do our research to make sure that we are knowledgeable about an item, to make sure it gets appraised properly. There are many facets to consider when looking at an estate and we do our best to cover them.

We have over forty years of experience along with the experience of many others if we are not intimately familiar with something.  We use this combined knowledge to make sure the offer we make is a fair and competitive one.

We handle estates of all sizes.  We have purchased small estates with only one or two pieces and other larger estates that have dozens of items.  Each piece is evaluated and itemized for the seller’s convenience and transparency of the value of the piece.

We use an array of professional tools to evaluate your estate items, including microscopes, loupes, metal testing materials, stone testing materials, and years of experience, to name a few.

Larger estates may need one on one attention and we are able to do that by arranging appointments either in-home or at our shop.

If you would like us to consider evaluating your estate pieces, please contact us.

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